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Mondial's Business Services

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Andrew Weller reflects on Mondial's Business Services


Business Services. When I think about where Mondial’s services began, I can easily see the ancestral DNA of our offering today, there’s the same optimism, aggression and support, we just didn’t really think about it in the same way as we do now. The countless talks, meetings, and flights may have been okay for our initial foray as a couple of seasoned consultants, however early interest from several major clients made it obvious we’d have to systematise or die. We were drowning in work.

So we systematised! Robert and I have poured everything we know into Mondial’s Business Services. We’ve then resourced the model to deliver value to our clients:

Business Model Innovation

In our experience, the value in your organisation is already there. Sometimes though, it helps to take a different look to unlock it. But it needs to be an educated look, one focussed by the lens of your organisational expertise, and our business model experience. That’s why our Business Model Innovation service is people focussed, and process led. We’ll work across all levels of your organisation to ensure together we recognise and resource your unique opportunities.

Market Entry and Strategic Partnerships

Global networking is an oddly osmotic process and for many, completely beyond their grasp. I suppose we’re lucky to some extent, with Robert's language skills and a long history in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Our international business experiences mean we've a unique and useful grasp of current geo-economics and strategic thinking. Today, he and I get 4 hours a week to look at what’s happening globally. We plan for the quarter. I’m writing this in October ’22 for example, and Robert has spent most of September in Europe speaking with key market participants, and our colleague, Dr Rhys Jacob is comfortably in Jülich, Germany . Before too long it will be time for one of us to hit the skies again to further strengthen our networks.

Market Entry and Strategic Partnerships

Robert cut his teeth in a Fortune-500 heavy machinery manufacturing company. Techno-economic analysis was their life blood. Without accurate, expert-fuelled analysis, decisions worth the entire budgets of small nations were often in the balance. When we formed Mondial this was the first item at the top of both our ‘must-have’ lists. We’re pretty proud of the fact that we now house some of the leading techno-economic analysts in the country with world-leading thermal utility expertise.


To transition from something that works to something that works in the market is a deceptively enormous jump. Because a boat floating on the market is always more than just a clever idea. It’s a vehicle designed to carry the idea forward. It can be complex and expensive to build, and difficult to drive, but that’s where we come in. Across our team we’ve been involved in the successful commercialisation of several products and services. Our approach is supercharged by utilising the Business Canvas Model to support business innovation and engage the whole business with a common understanding of the available options and the path ahead.

And I suppose beyond all that is the stuff we do around the edges; the stuff that doesn’t really need a name we just do it because it’s the right thing to do. And ultimately that’s the special thing about our business support, its always client focussed. Let us help you make complex easy.

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