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Forming Mondial

Robert Caprile talks through Mondial's origins and reason for being


In late 2012 Andrew rang me, excited about glass. I was in Dubai at the time and about to hop on a plane back to Adelaide.


"This stuff Rob, you've never seen anything like it. It's amazing. It's going to help offices absolutely smash their energy use. Let's catch up when your back."


Co-Founders - Robert Caprile and Andrew Weller

And we did. And it was. And that's what it's always been like working together - simple and effective. I think we both like the challenge, and the hunt, and we can see that drive and the good in each other. We'd seen a lot in other parts of the world by then too. Yes, the damage of mining, drilling, logging etc, but also the possibilities when things are done right. We were watching massive rooftop solar arrays go up in Italy as early as 2009. It was hard to hop off the plane a few days later in Adelaide and listen to our key politicians question the science.

Of course, back then neither of us had heard the word decarbonisation. Instead by that stage we'd seen Australia stuck in a seemingly endless political loop on the topic of climate change, and sweltering from record breaking temperatures and drought. We were all looking at rapidly escalating energy bills and failing coal-fed outdated network infrastructure and thinking "this is all beginning to feel very real".


"This is all beginning to feel very real"


As time's ticked by we've watched some other nations truly lead on climate change. Back home we've watched our brilliant Australian researchers, technologists and entrepreneurs struggle to gain real traction in this space due to political uncertainty, or lack of funding, or lack of urgency, or all three. For us, it was hard to imagine our business community being able to both keep the lights on and drive this energy transition.

So we've created Mondial. It's namely a Decarbonisation Advisory for business, however we've continued our commercial consulting for the key reason that decarbonisation is as much about business transition as it is about technology.

So many companies that contact us are finding it difficult to navigate through the minefield of information, quotations and engineering options to achieve a suitable and economic solution to a sustainable, net zero future. In response, we've developed a decarbonisation roadmap system that configures to provide a bespoke decarbonisation plan, unique to the requirements of your business. We like to think it's value-engineering at its best, designed to help you de-risk and achieve your decarbonisation goals.


"...value-engineering at its best, designed to help you de-risk and achieve your decarbonisation goals"


Robert Caprile and Martin Belusko

We've also hired some of the leading engineering minds in the country. These are highly skilled and talented professionals with many years of experience in mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering. For people relatively early in their careers, their achievements in thermodynamics, thermal energy storage and sustainable energy engineering are impressive. The real reason we hired them though was we know they want to see their work make a real difference.

During the decarbonisation roadmap process we put ourselves in your shoes and together we'll develop the deep insights required to make your decarbonisation journey happen. We'll ensure the roadmap supports your business processes, and is helping your senior leadership team eliminate pain points.

Andrew still rings me excited about stuff. It makes me smile because there's a lot to be excited about. Don't hesitate to get in touch and we can help you make complex easy.

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