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The Vision

The need to decarbonise presents businesses around the world a major challenge.  Solutions can be specialised, complex and costly.  

Our principals, Robert Caprile and Andrew Weller founded Mondial to ensure your business has access to a strategic decarbonisation service built for your unique operation, and supported by our industry experts.


The new normal

The reality is, decarbonisation isn't easy. The good news is Mondial's services have been designed to guide your business through the transition.

Here Mondial's Dr Martin Belusko explores some of the common challenges and pitfalls in the decarbonisation landscape.

Our other services

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The Mondial Decarbonisation Roadmap Service

Facility Scan

Our Stage 1 Strategic Overview report ensures we pick the Stage 2 initiatives that will provide you the most benefit. 


Technology Opportunity Assessments

 Working with you in a selection of the following streams to fully understand, plan and phase your decarbonisation project.  


Implementation & Verification

Stage 3, making it happen.  We ensure you are fully supported by  industry leading specialists and our rigorous roadmap implementation process.  

Initial Facility-Wide Scan

Conducting a Level 1 Facility Scan informs our Level 2 service recommendations

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Energy Procurement Health Check

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A complete review of your energy purchasing options and a strategic plan for your energy future.

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Implementation & Verification

With our network of industry leading specialists we guarantee you're in good hands.  

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Power Quality and Monitoring

Key to a successful decarbonisation effort,  power quality hardware and power quality monitoring.

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Electrification of Heat

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Decouple from fossil fuels and embrace technology such as heat pumps.  Includes strategic techno-economic analysis.

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Renewable Energy Strategy

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Find the right investment path for renewable energy.  This service includes strategic techno-economic analysis.

Smart Energy Storage

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Energy storage can be a game changer.  This service involves strategic techno-economic analysis.

Carbon Offsets

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Offsets don't all mean the same thing in terms of decarbonisation.  What works for you?

Green Fuels

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Free yourself from fossils!  This service include techno-economic analysis.


Decarbonisation Technologies

Heat Pumps and Natural Refrigerants

Heat pumps have been around for ages, why are they so important now?

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy technology is redefining energy generation across the globe.

Sunset on Solar Panels

Energy Storage

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Energy storage, when to invest?

Green Fuels

Closing the loop with Green Fuels.  How do you make them work for you?

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Business Services

Business Services

Mondial's Principals have long experience in and deep knowledge of the business world.  The services on this page are our foundation, they underpin our decerbonisation services.  They're the essential business services that keep us on the leading edge working with exciting startups on business model innovation, or helping Australian manufacturing push into Asia and the Middle East.  They're the skills and the smarts that are helping us Commercialize technologies right here in Australia, or are identifying what the next big opportunity is.

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Business Model Innovation

We've years of experience in helping clients maximise their value offering through reassessing their business model.

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Market Entry and Strategic Partnerships

We've a wealth of experience and established networks in global markets.  We offer access to Tier 1 Commercial Partners.

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Techno-economic Analysis across industry

We are able to turn around timely and strategic techno-economic reporting for your complex process to assist with your decision making

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Let us help you launch!  Commercialisation with Mondial is a fully streamlined and supported process.

Business Case Studies

Business Case Studies

Orthopaedic Trauma Device Manufacturer
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  • Evaluated new product offering

  • Created and progress market development plan for new product offering

  • Negotiated initial sales to sustainable levels

  • Uplifted and motivate sales team with reporting and communication disciplines

World's Leading Geodata Firm
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  • Commercial lead for 3 year US$150m portfolio of large services contracts in MENA Region

  • Track record of establishing “greenfields” in-country offices across MENA and Asia

  • Key Sales Leadership role in International Business Teams.

Specialised Public Relations Firm
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Asset 60.png
  • Interim commercial management allowing owners to care for terminally ill family member (and director)

  • Built partner relationships with other firms with similar values and synergistic capabilities

  • Developed major new revenue streams from Australian Government communications programs

US Fortune 100 Heavy Equipment Manufacturer
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  • Co-led the development, establishment of a new dealership transition in an APAC Country

  • Developed strategic plan/goals

  • Transitioned management to new entity.

Heavy Equipment Electronics Company
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Asset 60.png
  • Interim commercial management rebuilding sales, marketing and engineering functions

  • Repaired valuable but broken major client relationships in India, USA, Korea, Malaysia, Middle East and China

  • Rebuilt global distribution channels

  • Restored revenues & profitability

  • Released and establish new product line in market

  • Established key new OEM relationships in APAC and Australia

  • Developed and establish new component sourcing partnership in Korea

  • Prepared for and broker sale to Canadian company

Other Assignments
Travel planning

Other Assignments

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Asset 60.png
Asset 65.png
Asset 62.png
  • Establishment & Management of OEM Heavy Machinery distribution business in SE Asia based out of Vietnam

  • Co-design and co-sourcing of complex customised solution for pipelayer safety systems in extreme environments (Arctic)

  • Co-sourcing of control systems for offshore oil and gas heavy lifting (Gulf of Thailand)

  • Sourcing/co-design of Korean electronics assemblies for Australian technology supplier

  • Payment systems integrator business model consulting for Visa International

  • Negotiated technology partnerships between Australian & Taiwanese research & industry

  • Australian mobile crane designs licensed to India

  • Software development & ICT services from India to Australia, UK and Singapore.

  • Israeli car stacker technology to India

  • Steel windows from India to Australia & North America

  • Hydrography project to major Saudi oil company

  • Management of Dubai-based business for Laser Airborne Depth Sounder (bathymetry) business

  • Managed contracting and delivery of high value offshore services for Oil & Gas Sector in Arabian Gulf, Caspian, Adriatic, Mediterranean and Red Seas


Mondial Advisory language skills

Special Projects
Modern Architecture

Special Projects


The stuff that really makes us tick is energy ecosystems.  We call it “tight”, when we’ve minimised losses and maximised returns through the right combination of technologies, in the right situation. 

We bring systems thinking in thermodynamics and energy ecosystems to flagship projects

Our cross-cultural capabilities and global organisational reach allow Mondial to engage and contribute strategically in any project.  Our uncompromising customer engagement and support means your project, is our project.  Robert Caprile leads the charge on Special Projects and covers a portfolio of initiatives for which we offer specialised energy and business services.



Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The team at Mondial bring a wide range of experience, training and skill to any project effort.  With core competencies in science, technology, global business and languages, we are genuine solution providers.  We work as a team and support each other closely, and that's how we like to work with our clients.  

Contact Us

Contact Us

Please get in touch about any of our services via the form or numbers below.  


Unit 6, Level 1, Unley Tower, 13 -23 Unley Rd. Parkside SA 5063

Robert Caprile

+61 419 261 924

Andrew Weller

+61 419 900 363

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