Robert Caprile


Andrew Weller


Prof. Martin Belusko


Dr. Rhys Jacob


Robert Caprile

Robert Caprile is a thought-leader in marketing and business development with an exceptional skill-set spanning commercial strategy development, new international market penetration and sales pipeline development. He has international credibility that has supported the successful launch of new products and categories into the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Australia.

Robert combines exceptional people skills, extensive multi-lingual abilities and deep cross-cultural competence with an entrepreneurial approach to new business development. He leads the rapid evolution of sales strategies, negotiates and deploys channel sales and partnership-based strategies that adapt to changing competitive conditions and new market insights.

Robert has a depth of experience in larger corporate environments as well as startups and family business.  Having begun his career in Heavy Engineering he has completed tertiary education with an MBA in International Business.

Robert is based out of Adelaide, South Australia.

Andrew Weller

Andrew Weller is an experienced manager and business advisor. He works with business owners and executives to plan for success and to implement those plans effectively and quickly. Andrew’s clients exploit his experience, his know-how and his global networks. He leads their business model innovation and the realization of value from products and capabilities. He has helped them open new markets or mend major customer relationships, build partnerships and establish distribution programs. They have created new supply chains that leverage low cost economies. Together they have devised exit strategies and managed mergers and acquisitions.

Andrew has a consultative approach with disciplined management style, energy and networks of investment and industry contacts across a wide range of technologies and domains.

A physical chemist and computer scientist with a Bachelor of Math Science he has completed a post-grad program in International Business at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. Andrew is based out of Adelaide, South Australia.

Dr. Martin Belusko

Martin Belusko has a distinguished technical/academic background and was Associate Research Professor in the Future Industries Institute at the University of South Australia.

Martin was co awardee of the 2015 and finalist in the 2019 ANSTO Eureka Prize for Innovative Use of Technology and has a track record of innovations which have been successfully commercialised. He has led initiatives to evaluate market needs and build and test business models for commercialising technology and successfully engaged with industry partners in sustainable energy engineering for more than 18 years.

Martin is a recognised expert in energy markets and particularly, the power market and has worked on energy projects in Dairy, Food Storage, Winemaking, Meat, Wastewater and Commercial/ Residential.

His research has led to the commercialisation of innovations in solar heating, air conditioning ducting, CO2 refrigeration systems for extreme climates and phase change materials for cold thermal energy storage.

Martin is based out of Adelaide, South Australia.

Dr. Rhys Jacob

Rhys Jacob is a chemical engineer with research, analysis, and practical experience in designing and developing sustainable energy systems.  He holds a B.Eng. from the University of Adelaide and a PhD conferred by the University of South Australia.  These studies and research also involved secondments and exchanges in Spain and Germany.

Rhys contributed to the leadership of Australian Solar Thermal Research Institute, which develops, enhances and commercialises concentrating solar components.  He has undertaken engineering design of lab scale and commercial prototypes for high temperature, thermal energy storage systems awarded Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) funding to bring the product to market.

He brings deep experience and capability in business model and value proposition design, techno-economic analysis, environmental impact assessment, and evaluation of conventional, renewable, and hybrid energy systems. This has included feasibility analysis and evaluation in the mining, energy, and municipal sectors.

Based in Mannheim, Germany, Rhys gives Mondial's network and activities reach into Europe, with proximity to European technology providers and customer bases.  This provides Mondial with genuine "follow the sun" engineering capability.