Mondial Advisory has a pool of PhD-qualified consultants with a track record of research and analysis with experience across a broad range of disciplines.

Our executive consultants engage with you to help you address challenges that require research that may traditionally have been done in collaboration with Universities and other research institutions.

A better, faster, easier way of doing good research

The capability of the traditional research sector in Australia (Universities, Institutes and CSIRO) is being diminished by a combination of reduced Government support, challenges from post-COVID financial recovery of Universities.

Increasing bureaucracy and risk aversion of Universities has made the research sector slow to respond to the research needs of industry. It is  now more difficult to engage with Universities and the University-led research value proposition is less compelling.

Mondial’s associates bring a network of researchers and analysts that can help frame, resource, execute and deliver research programs in the times it takes Universities to engage and initiate a relationship.

Skills & Competencies

  • Engineering: mechanical, chemical & electical

  • Designing Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

  • Techno-economic analysis of complex energy needs

  • Analysing energy market structure, regulations & operations

  • Leadership of research programs and teams

  • Market research & analysis

  • Product selection research & analysis

  • Technology licensing & commercialisation

Technical Experience

  • Low and High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage

  • Electrification of heat in sectors including agriculture, food processing & mineral processing

  • Development of energy storage materials and encapsulation technologies

  • Techno-economic assessments of mineral processing operations, agricultural operations,industrial refrigeration/renewables

  • Heating & cooling equipment product analysis, selection & evaluation

  • Zero carbon strategies for the built environment

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