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Robert Caprile

Updated: Apr 26

Mondial Co-Founder and Non-Executive Director

Robert Caprile is a thought-leader in marketing and business development with an exceptional skill-set spanning commercial strategy development, new international market penetration and sales pipeline development. He has international credibility that has supported the successful launch of new products and categories into the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Australia.

Robert combines exceptional people skills, extensive multi-lingual abilities and deep cross-cultural competence with an entrepreneurial approach to new business development. He leads the rapid evolution of sales strategies, negotiates and deploys channel sales and partnership-based strategies that adapt to changing competitive conditions and new market insights.

Robert has a depth of experience in larger corporate environments as well as startups and family business. Having begun his career in Heavy Engineering he has completed tertiary education with an MBA in International Business.

Robert is a Non-executive Director at Mondial Advisory having moved away from day to day involvement.


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