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Decarbonisation Partner - Section28

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Section28 Artisan Cheeses is an artisan cheese making business independently owned and based in the Adelaide Hills. It was established with an absolute commitment to excellence and Section28's cheeses are made for those consumers who are seeking an experience that transports them to the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

Section28's owner recognised that its growth required substantial investment in heating and cooling for its cheese production and storage. His product values were tightly tied to sustainability and his desire was to decarbonise and run on renewable power.


Mondial's team evaluated Section28's production process, energy demands and growth timeline holistically to develop a decarbonisation roadmap that advanced decarbonisation, sustainability, and use of renewable sources of energy as efficiently as possible.

This resulted in a plan that detailed the timing and equipment choice for heating and cooling capacity additions to match with output capacity increase plans over the coming years.In addition, strategies were developed to maximise the use of Section28’s production of solar power.

You can learn more about Section28 at their website

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