Engaging with Mondial Advisory is easy. We offer the following models to kick it off:

Free Online Consult

  • Review strategy, define critical business issues

  • Evaluate impact on various parts of business

  • Prioritise key opportunities

  • Detail scope for potential engagement


  • Engage stakeholders to diagnose

  • Utilise & embed tools for communication such as Value Proposition Canvas and Business Model Canvas

  • Create an actionable report addressing key business issues identified

Targeted Challenge

  • Agree critical business issue(s) capable of resolution

  • Develop solutions and a plan to test and tackle with milestones, allocated responsibilities and mentoring plans

  • Manage the plan with hands-on responsibilities where existing organisation is weak or lacking

Interim Management

  • Detailed scope of role/responsibilities and priorities

  • Careful selection & vetting for appropriate skills – safe hands, “guns for hire”

  • Support with proactive management, skills augmentation & review

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